Mary Magdalene master paintings

Mary Magdalene master paintings

World Wide Web is full of Mary Magdalene info and images. There seem to be cults about her, fantastic celebrations of her existence. She is a patron saint of the herbalists and cosmetics; she has been taken on by the feminists in theatre and religious studies. Mary Magdalene rules.

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As for me, I have been taken by her two representations. Rubens and El Greco.
Did she or did she not anoint Jesus’ feet becomes irrelevant. Whether we believe she did or prove she didn’t and go on to prove that she was never a prostitute, it is all make up.

As for Rubens picture, I am writing over it. It is my starting point for the re-enactment of the biblical ritual of the anointment. I immerse in its colours and search for the costume and props through them – I am making Mary Magdalene up through the Rubens colours.

As for El Greco, or possibly an El Greco style copy by someone not as ‘significant’ - it has been around me since childhood, on the walls of my grandmother’s house.
“ She carries embarrassment: something that is me and yet not me at all. She is foreign. My grandmother (none) used to have an image of her on the wall, with dark curly hair all sick and with rings under her eyes. Dark, as if haunted by her sins.” – passage written prior to my renewed encounter with the replica of the painting in Dubrovnik that is now my prized possession.