Choosing the best mascara

Choosing the best mascara

You obviously want to draw attention to yourself through quality mascara application. But do you know how to find just the right one for yourself? Here are the various types of mascara that you can pick for your eyes.

Mascara for short eyelashes

Admittedly, not all we are born with thick and sexy eyelashes. This should however not dampen your spirits because there is mascara designed to lengthen your eyelashes so that they look as long, thick and sexy as the natural ones.

Thin eyelashes

There are some people with very thin lashes but would want to have then thickened. You do not need to worry because there one for thickening it.

What do you do with straight eyelashes?

Some eyelashes come straight even when you try to curl them. No need to worry because there is mascara for curling the eyelashes back to shape.

It may also happen that you have straight, thin and short eyelashes. It looks like a compound problem but this can still be resolved through use of a volumizing one. It works by increasing the volume of the eyelashes, increasing in length as well as by making them thick. You will be surprised to see your lashes looking as natural as they can be!

The powder types

There are types which are made in the form of powder. It is used to provide you with a smooth finish especially if you are wearing false lashes and want a smooth, natural finish.

Cream types

Would you like to work on the thin lashes so that they appear thick? Take it easy with the cream designed for that specific work. However, you need an applicator to prevent smudging from occurring during application.

Liquid types

This is the most commonly used for the curly type of lashes. You may choose the water soluble or the water resistant types.