Types of eye shadow

Types of eye shadow

Eye shadows offer ways to enhance your looks for instance through use of darker colours for subtle looks. This beauty is applied below the eyebrows as well as on the eyelids. If applied well, eye shadow can make your eyes stand out among other facial features. There are different types of this makeup as we shall see.

The sheer type

This is not a bold one but it also gives a sheer tint. It is usually made in powder form. It is the best one to use when you want a tint that you can adjust to your liking.

Matte type

If sheer is not yours for the liking, you will be good to go with matte eye shadow. It is one of the most plainly made eye shadows available. This one does not give you a shiny appearance; neither does it sparkle or give off a metallic hint in it. If you like wearing makeup without wanting to draw so much attention to yourself, this is the eye shadow to go for.

Shimmer type

As the name suggests, this type gives you the shimmering look on your face plus it has a metallic tinge in it.


It is made in the form of powder is common. Actually it is very common and is usually packed in pans or palettes for ease of use when applying. You will ordinarily use a brush to touch it as it is pressed inside these containers.

Cream type

This cream eye shadow comes in varieties such as matte or shimmer. You will need it when making loose application on the eyes as well during a base application.

Baked variety

This one is baked and then pressed the same way as the powder type.


You can look for liquid, pigment and pencil types to enhance your appearance.